LaShay Butter

Shea Butter whipped with almond and jojoba oils.

Why Choose Us?

LaShay Butter was born out of the need to moisturize our skin in the midst of the constant hand washing and anti-bacterial applications of the pandemic. Family and friends loved the moisture so much, we expanded the product to the general public. We hope you enjoy your new level of elevated moisture!

Before using Shay Butter, my hands were dry and cracking from constant washing. Now, my hands are always smooth and moisturized! I won't use anything else!

Debra E.
Satisfied Customer

About Us

Ericka LaShay


My name is Ericka LaShay and I am the creator of LaShay Butter. The product only includes natural ingredients and a small amount of fragrance. We want to help you keep your skin moisturized and healthy. Enjoy your new level of Elevated Moisture!